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Monday, July 12, 2004
Money For Mine, Screw Yours
Hastert Touts History Grant Back Home That House Panel Would Kill
WASHINGTON (AP) - The good folks of Elgin, Ill., may wish to quickly cash the $722,943 federal check that House Speaker Dennis Hastert symbolically presented their school system Monday for enriching American history instruction.

A House subcommittee voted four days earlier to kill the program.
Last Thursday, when a subcommittee of the Republican-run House Appropriations Committee approved a bill providing $142.5 billion for next year's education, health and labor programs, it included nothing for the American history teaching initiative. The full committee will vote on the measure Wednesday.
Ironically, the program was created in 2000 by one of the GOP's favorite symbols of excessive spending: Byrd [ed. aka, The Devil], top Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee and an ardent student of history. The Senate has yet to write its version of the bill.
Apparently Leaving Other Children Behind is okey dokey.
"We've been very fortunate to receive a number of grants from (the) Education (Department) and with the help of the speaker," [Elgin spokesman Larry] Ascough said.
Good late afternoon, early evening my friends. Did nothing today except prowl around the internet, mess up my blog a couple of times, figure out (finally) how to use track-backs, drink coffee, look through old photos, sign a few petitions about the so-called Defense of Marriage Amendment (god, I hate those weaselly Rovians), and not paint.

Durbin's office line was busy all afternoon, but got through to Fitzgerald's immediately (for some reason...). Staffer expressed astonishment that I would call.

"But he's a co-sponsor of the bill!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, but he's still my senator and what he's doing is wrong!" I smartly replied. Actually, I didn't expect to get a human being and stumbled and stuttered my way through my little speech.

Will go do something now.

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