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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Oh, Please, I Hope So
Green Bay Press-Gazette - Young adults are showing more interest in politics
Now signs are cropping up that the nation’s youngest young adults are bucking another trend: They’re taking an interest in voting.

“It’s important to us. What happens in this election is going to affect our generation,” says 18-year-old Katie Brew, who filled out a registration form shortly before graduating from Verona Area High School, just outside Madison.
But there's always an "on the other hand" with these news items:
Some young people are clearly having trouble getting motivated — among them Jake Gleason, a Verona student who didn’t register to vote, even when the form and a pen were handed to him.

“Honestly, I’m just too lazy to fill it out,” the 18-year-old said after the assembly. “I got halfway through, and I just didn’t feel like finishing it.”
This young man is going to live in the basement of his mom's house for a long, long, time, I have a feeling, until there are no more Doritos left on the shelves at 7-11.

Good afternoon folks. A gray, cool day, perfect for sleeping late, so I did. Ah, the life of the too-young-to-call-it-retireds AKA the chronically unemployed. Almost cool enough to start thinking about sweaters again. But first must do some art and be back later to tell you all about it.

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