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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
New Scandal Brewing?
Hope so.

Government Won't Renew Titan Deal for Military Counseling Service
The ongoing audit centers on the GSA's Federal Technology Service, which awarded Titan the contract less than a year ago.

The Federal Technology Service was given unusual permission to operate as a telecommunications business. It earned money by charging agencies service fees of between 2 percent and 4 percent of contract values.

The inspector general has found that the FTS expanded without permission to construction jobs and used its soaring profits to pay inappropriate bonuses to some workers. Several workers who received bonuses face discipline. Congress also is scrutinizing the FTS.
What the....? Here's a link to the government site. If you took away the .gov from the site name and added a few obnoxious pop-up ads, it would look like the "about us" page for tons of boring .coms. I get the feeling we don't know half of what our government is up to.

I guess I don't understand how a government agency can have "soaring profits." Call me stupid.

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