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Sunday, July 04, 2004
Evanston Love Fest
Oh, wasn't it wonderful, those of you who were there! The rain stayed away, and Democrats as far as the eye could see. So much energy this year -- and the most noise and cheering came from the sidelines. Last year people still had to be convinced to cheer, but our mixed group of Kerry and Obama supporters got standing ovations as we passed by -- even though the candidates were elsewhere, as they should be, since for the most part we were preaching to the choir.

Barack Obama was up in convinceable Highland Park, and then was off to hard-sell Wheaton. Jan Schakowsky joined us, and even Dick Durbin showed up at the tail end. Julie Hamos (who deserves more funding and exposure) and Jeff Schoenberg marched as well, from the state house and senate. David Orr of the Cook County Clerk's Office even had a big voter registration float (that went by too fast for me to whip out the camera and get a shot). Several other county people I don't know had supporters as well. And the picnic as every year was near long-time dem (and one of the county commissioners now) Larry Sufferdin's place. No Lisa Madigan that I could see this year, however. Hmmmm...

And oh, yes. Even fewer republicans this year than last, and I counted 3 last year. The right to life float (huge) had one person on it and seats for about 16. It was hysterical. And since we still don't know who is nuts enough to take on Obama after the Ryan fiasco, a large gap in the parade.

I have lots of pictures and will post a few favorites in a bit. But am exhausted after 2 days of non-stop partying (an art party yesterday). And if anyone wants copies for their political collection, just email me.

More later. I stupidly walked the whole parade route in flop-flops, which means I may never walk again.

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