Fresh Paint
Thursday, July 01, 2004
Not Exactly Collages, But...
Having a wonderful morning so far. Queued up all the jazz and blues (a lot of Miles Davis and Andrew Hill) I've downloaded, plus a great Shostakovich thing that truly bops and, other than the missing (but still yearned for after all these years) cigarette hanging from my lip, I could have been a beat painter.

Franz Kline did a lot of studies on phone book pages, and so did I. I managed 8 before the set ran out, then evaluated them, and realized that I like the color of the yellow pages better than what I put on them. So here's my first "phone book" painting, "Yellow Pages." (P.S. I am learning a lot about how Kline didn't paint).

More later. Will sort out some of the scraps and continue. Is a beautiful day outdoors, which is why I'm indoors.

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