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Monday, June 28, 2004
Like Thieves in the Night
The New York Times > International > Hours Later, Bremer Leaves Iraq; New Premier Outlines Agenda
BAGHDAD, Iraq, June 28 — In a surprise ceremony here that was hastily convened in secret to decrease the chances of more violence, United States officials handed over sovereignty to Iraqi leaders today, formally ending the American occupation of Iraq two days earlier than scheduled.
Earlier in the day, responding to the handover announcement, security forces locked down sections of the capital. Several hotels refused to let guests in or out, thousands of police took to the streets and American fighter jets cut arcs in the sky over Baghdad. Both American and Iraqi officials said they were expecting the handover to be marred by significant terror attacks.
Free! They're finally free!

We all know it's meaningless, and that the puppetry will continue. And the occupation?

350 Illinois Guard members activated; deployments extended for 250 more

New Mexico airmen deploy to Iraq

Vermont National Guard brigade alerted for possible activation

About the only thing this may have done is save the taxpayers millions and millions on what probably had been looked at a year ago as just the start of an "Independence Day" party with cookouts and fireworks in downtown Baghdad and photogenic Iraqi children eating ice cream in the Texamerican way, and waving the new Iraqi flag they all hate, etc. etc. Wonder which dumpster they had to throw the plans in?

I'm sorry, but I find this very distressing, almost worse than if they really had tried to throw the Great American Independence Day Cookout over there.

Will dig down and try to find some art for later.

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