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Thursday, June 24, 2004
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Is the stock market signaling a Bush loss? - Jun. 23, 2004

God, I hope so:
In any event, President Bush and the Republicans would seem to have both trends working against them. The Dow is down some 5 percent since election day 2000, and it's gained only 5 percent since the first Tuesday of November 2003 -- not a performance strong enough to guarantee a re-election, if history is any guide.
But being CNN, most of the article tries to squeeze out as many drops of hope for the poor man as possible, and confuses us with statistics as well. They're really trying to grab on to the latest Consumer Comfort index that isn't as bad this past week as it's been. However, there may be a slight difference of opinion, depending on whether you're R, D, or I:
Partisan differences have a huge affect on how Americans responded to questions posed by the ABC News/Money magazine poll. The index is -31 among Republicans, but -16 among independents and -44 among Democrats.
Hardly a rousing endorsement, but they try:
"While the overall [ABC/Money] index lacks momentum, the electoral picture is turning more favorable for President Bush," Edward Yardeni, chief investment strategist at Prudential Financial, wrote in a note to clients on Wednesday.
I won't call either my broker or my bookie with such mild encouragement -- considering that other things are screwing with the bushies -- like certain piles of memos.

Good evening, folks. All is under control on the Illinois front, with Zorn and even Jay Leno revelling in snarky goodness:
Jay Leno even got into the act, whacking Ryan during his monologue last night. "Aren't Republicans the family values people? That's the difference between Republicans and Democrats on family values. Democrat politicians cheat on their wives. Republicans cheat too -- but they bring the wife along. Make it a family event! They include the whole family!"
I missed it all, because I was reading about art, in particular Franz Kline, who I'm starting to research as a candidate for the An Art A Day project I described below.

My, but this is a linkalicious blogging! Here's even some art, "Two Shadows," a painting from last year, but one of the reasons why I'm drawn to Kline, who might help me clean up my act a bit:

That's about it for now. Will upload and discuss some other projects tomorrow.

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