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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Late Report
Polis is keeping us on top of the Jack Ryan Sex Club Story:
He's in a pickle with this because if he admits that there is some truth to the allegations he both looks like a liar (from his earlier position about the contents of the files) and he faces the embarrassment of being a pro-family candidate who has a strange sexual past (and potential present).
The Illinois senate "race" just gets better and better as we licentious Obama libruls sit back and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Here's the juicy part from the WLS report:
The records contain hundreds of pages that tell the story of Ryan's failed marriage to Hollywood actress Jeri Ryan.

On page 21 of her sworn court declaration. Ms. Ryan describes how her estranged husband insisted that she accompany him to explicit sex clubs in Paris, New Orleans and in New York. She alleged Mr. Ryan researched sex clubs and took her to two different ones in New York during the afternoon.

According to the court records, one featured cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling. She claims he wanted to have sex with her while another couple watched.
Good evening. You may have thought I'd forgotten all about the Illinois senate race. Looks to be a lot of good fun ahead. My hope is that the Rovians will decide to cut their losses here and let the Illinois repubs hang. I always thought Ashcroft decided to indict George Ryan as a payback for Ryan's moratorium on the death penalty just before leaving office -- he was one of the worst governors ever, but at least "Texas Justice" wasn't his style.

And again, Barack Obama takes the high road (from the same WLS story):
"When I travel around the state, people are not talking to me about Jack Ryan's personal life. They're concerned about how can I get a job that pays a living wage, how can I make sure I'm not bankrupt when I get sick? Those are the issues that really matter in this election, and that's what we're going to focus on," Obama said during a function in downstate Carbondale on Monday night.
Just looked at the time. That's what you get for drinking a lot of Diet Coke at 10:30 pm. So you may hear even more from me as I don my mask and cape and go prowling.

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