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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Art Tuesday, Too
Think I'm getting this just in under the wire, so that I won't have ruined my blogging record of at least one post a day. Busy today, what with painting this and visiting my friend the dentist again, and spending a few hours at the Art Institute visiting my other friends, Mr Matisse and Mr Beckmann, making me wilt with shame to post another one, "Laura, Again":

And glanced thru the photos of water in the Thames by Roni Horn that literally run thru the entire museum. Didn't catch on to what was going on until I got home and read the extremely lengthy handout of "Saying Water". They've mounted the photos following the meanderings of a "river" throughout the collection, so that a photo of water is mounted on a wall with a "real" painting. I was a bit irritated with it at first, since I thought they were just trying to promote the Horn show over in the abysmal "contemporary" section (the museum owns approximately 3.5 pieces of "contemporary" art -- they have on view something pretty interesting and produced actually in this century by Jasper Johns labelled a "prospective purchase", which I don't understand at all -- either buy it or don't) -- anyway, the Horn thing --

the lengthy text of "Saying Water" is quite mesmerizing -- all about suicides and deaths in the Thames, musings on color and substance, and lots of notebook stuff and some bratty self-indulgence. Quite a jolt to realize it's much the same thing I've been doing for about 4 months now with my (for awhile) near daily color notes at the lake, though her obsessions are much, much more intense than mine have been. The water images are quite wonderful, and now having read more, will try to go back and look at them again, and follow the trail thru the collection. If you're in Chicago on Free Tuesday, check it out (thru 5th of September).

That's it for now. No more dental excursions planned, so no excuses for not painting. Ciao.

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