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Friday, June 11, 2004
Couldn't Happen To a Nicer Guy
Humbled Blair Faces Party Anguish Over Poll Defeat
"I'd like to say I'm sorry to the (local) councillors [ed. 460 of them!] who've lost their seats," Blair told reporters in Washington before heading home. "I think Iraq has been a shadow over our support." [ed. duh...]
Clare Short, another outspoken Labor rebel, said voters were punishing Blair because his party couldn't.

"What we did in Iraq has brought disgrace and dishonor on Britain around the world. As Tony Blair won't change the policy, the only way to make a correction is for him to step aside from the leadership," she told the Evening Standard newspaper.
Memo to Bush: be afraid... be very afraid.

Writing all this as Reagan is being laid to rest in a "private" ceremony (according to the paper) broadcast, however, on ever single tv station on the planet, with lingering camera shots on Mrs. Reagan's face (I watched for about 5 minutes, I admit, but no more. I'm sick, but not that sick.)

Had a piece in a show that opened this evening, and am back now, and not even drunk. This is a collage I did earlier, though have been trying to figure how to do it for a few days:

It's called "Hero," and no, it's not in honor of anyone or anything.

Also did some drawings today, but they're just too goofy for words.

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