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Sunday, June 06, 2004
You may as well not turn on TV, radio, or internet today or for the next few because St. Ron's translation to unqualified sainthood has begun. If Rove didn't pull the plug on the man personally, perhaps god really is a republican, since they can now count on favorable and gentle coverage from the press such that "linkage" from the past failed policies (though apparently viewed by the majority as successful) and current failed policies will happen with ease, skipping lightly over 8 years of expansion and innovation.

Even Dub's dad called Reagan's policies "voodoo economics," a phrase you never hear any longer, though it's more meaningful today than ever. And what do you expect? It's the same damn crew running things now.

Don't you think, though, that Rummy is sounding more and more like someone who hasn't been taking his Metamucil and needs a really good bm?

Good morning, people. Yes, I am still here. Did nothing to speak of yesterday except gesso a few boards and perform some light (Dean Koontz) reading. Have to start easy, work the muscles up gradually in preparation for the 900 page plus Clinton bio due any minute. Hmmm.... should probably start with the light hand weights too else reading in bed may prove lethal.

Weather supposed to be cloudy and spitting rain for part of the day, and then the temperature is supposed to rise till the middle of the week to a range where I can finally complain about the heat.

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