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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
No Longer Afloat
When I called the plumber this morning to remind him he said he'd be her first thing in the morning, he said, oh, yes, he remembered, but there were so many in need! He'd just got off the phone with a lady who was crying, for example. What do you say to someone who's crying? But he said he'd still get to my house first.

But he did stop off at the other lady's house at some point, and she was still crying. He said, "I don't usually take my customers in my arms to console them, but I just had to hug this little old lady and tell her everything was all right." This is a sweet big bear of a guy with long flowing blond hair. I think I'd believe him, if he told me everything will be ok too.

And things apparently are. I am showered and flushed, though my dishes are still unwashed because I've been futzing with stuff today.

A friend tells me I must show you this painting I did in early spring but spent more time trying to photograph it without a flash (it's oil) than I did to paint it.

Other than that, haven't checked the political front except to note that oil is still on the rise, and it serves us right.

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