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Sunday, May 30, 2004
Ho hum...
The New York Times > International > Middle East > Abuse Investigation: Military Completed Death Certificates for 20 Prisoners Only After Months Passed
WASHINGTON, May 30 — Twenty death certificates for Afghan and Iraqi prisoners who died in American custody were completed in a 10-day rush only after the investigation into the notorious abuses at Abu Ghraib became public last month, even though some of the deaths occurred months — in some cases many months — before.

Officers from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, the headquarters of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner, signed the certificates between May 12 and 21, including one certificate for an Afghan prisoner killed at the American military base at Bagram on Dec. 10, 2002, in what an autopsy found was a homicide.
There is already ample evidence of a confusing array of investigations," said Eugene Fidell, the president of the National Institute of Military Justice in Washington. "I believe the situation has already lost focus. It has all the makings of an investigative debacle."
Another debacle? Aren't there enough already? And check this out:

Notice anything at the bottom? Is this a breakthrough? The NYT is actually calling it "torture" and not "abuse"?

Good evening all. It's been busy here, what with artmaking and watching the level of "water" in my basement rise.

Thinking about the people who say they are for Bush to pollsters leads me to believe that they've kidnapped a thousand people, stuck them at Guantanamo or some isolated place in the desert, and periodically stop "abusing" them long enough to ask them who they're planning to vote for. And even so, more than half are still insisting it's Kerry.

Sorry for being tasteless. I'll reform sometime in November, promise.

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