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Thursday, May 27, 2004
Bush Flop Flip #23,452.1.2 Section A, 2004
Army Orders Environmental Cutbacks to Save Money - from TBO.com

The Flop:
A May 11 e-mail from Maj. Gen. Anders Aadland, obtained by The Associated Press, had directed garrison commanders to "take additional risk in environmental programs; terminate environmental contracts and delay all non-statutory enforcement actions" until after the new fiscal year begins in October.
The Flip:
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Army reversed course Thursday, saying it found money to avert dropping some environmental protections.
Under the money tree, perhaps? Good thing they didn't cut it down because it was littering the environment.

If you click on this link, however, or apparently any of the AP news links from TBO.com, you'll see a prominently placed "special message" from Bush/Cheney starring Laura that is quite, quite nauseating.

Sorry, Laura. You're not running. Your incompetent husband is. Just like Hillary wasn't running, though maybe someday, when we're all old and gray or dead... Didn't the press wipe the floor with her when she put her two cents in?

Good midday, folks. I've been like my old cat today, first I want to go out, then I want to come back in, then out, then in again. Going to stay in for a little longer, since the batteries on the camera gave out and I had to stick them in the recharger and load up a fresh set. I guess this means the honeymoon is continuing.

So if I'm going to stay in because god forbid I might get wet or something, I better post this and get going on whatever I'm going to do, which I don't know yet. Later.

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