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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Hell Has Frozen Over and They're Skating On It
.... while pigs fly over herds of cows coming home:

The New York Times > International > Middle East > From the Editors: The Times and Iraq

Never thought it would happen:
Some critics of our coverage during that time have focused blame on individual reporters. Our examination, however, indicates that the problem was more complicated. Editors at several levels who should have been challenging reporters and pressing for more skepticism were perhaps too intent on rushing scoops into the paper. Accounts of Iraqi defectors were not always weighed against their strong desire to have Saddam Hussein ousted. Articles based on dire claims about Iraq tended to get prominent display, while follow-up articles that called the original ones into question were sometimes buried. In some cases, there was no follow-up at all.
Still is a very milque-toastish apology, because they should be on their knees apologizing to Iraqi families who have lost loved ones because of Bush's sham war, and to the soldiers who were duped into thinking they were fighting terrorists -- and are still being duped.

If the NYT can apologize, surely leaders from this administration can. They have been one and the same for at least four years.

I guess if you read it carefully, it isn't really an apology. It's more of a Chalabi bashing. I wonder what punishment Judith Miller is getting. An invitation to join the Bush campaign?

I thought I was going to be painting all day, but went out this a.m. and it rained, so hauled everything back and have been messing around with the camera again. Am going to try again now. I am very perturbed with Tom Skilling. I believe he should be writing apologies too.

I see sun.... going to go chase it right now.

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