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Saturday, May 22, 2004
Why We Can Never Believe Them
The New York Times > Opinion > An Abu Ghraib Investigation:
The Denver Post reported this week that military records documented the deaths of at last five Iraqi prisoners during brutal interrogations, only one of them at Abu Ghraib. In one especially chilling case, the former head of Iraq's air force turned himself in and was held at a "high value" prison, where interrogators appear to have killed him by stuffing him headfirst into a sleeping bag, sitting on his chest and covering his mouth. The Pentagon papered this over with a press release saying the prisoner "said he didn't feel well and subsequently lost consciousness."
And, my friends, I'm sure the NYT was the first to publish and not question this assertion.

Massive thunder this morning again, and several huge drops of rain fell on me when I went out for coffee -- like individual lakes falling, splat. To the south, sky is hazy yellow, but clear. To north, blue black. Needless to say, I am indoors at the moment though anxious to go out and paint a nice boring summer landscape without worrying about all these postmodern concerns like intent and material and method and why.

Until then, will be continuing with the Art By the Inch Challenge -- I am at 562 inches right now out of 10,000 by June 15th. I don't believe there's a prize or anything, but the discussions and measuring and recording and fretting and very good work being produced is collegial and inspiring. Check it out.

My feet are cold again. Can't think with cold feet. Must get slippers. Later.

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