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Friday, May 21, 2004
Roofers Here
Maryland Voters Who Requested Paper Ballots Instead of Touch-Screen Won't Be Counted
"I was not told that my vote would not be counted. That is just plain wrong," one of the voters, Helen K. Kolbe, said at an administrative hearing Wednesday in Annapolis. "By any logic, my vote should be accepted, or quite simply, it is fraud and a stain on our electoral procedures."

The Campaign for Verifiable Voting had urged thousands of its supporters to request paper ballots to create a verifiable paper trail of their votes.

But under state law, paper ballots can be used only if "the individual's name does not appear on the precinct register." State officials told The (Baltimore) Sun that county election judges erred in offering the paper alternative.
Oh Jeez. Is there nothing they won't stop at? But let this be a lesson to us all. Think personally we should go back to stoning the ones we don't like.

Yes, finally, roofers dragged me out of bed at 7:30 this am to move my car. Since I can't park on the street until 9, have been prowling around the streets like a homeless person with a car, but I neglected to bring my real notebook or take the computer, so was forced to sit and drink my coffee without anything to write on, a very strange experience for me. So had to rely on Natures's Notepad (ie, memory) until scrounging, I found a spiral thing in the trunk along with a broken pencil, on which I scribbled a drawing of a fence, like it's important.

Since I don't usually draw with pencil, also was important (drawing with pen makes me more observant, I think, tho it's just psychological), so have something that looks odd, erased, and lop-sided.

So, onward with the day. Is chilly and windy, though supposed to get hot later, says Tom:
Extensive low cloudiness, damp, cool beyond midday. Widespread haze/areas of fog, especially near the lake. But, some sun breaks through this afternoon Winds shift from NE to SSW allowing warm, humid air to return later today. 50s increase to low 80s. Several t-storms possible--shifting north of area Friday night.
I would not like to be roofing right now. Will be 90 tomorrow, not my favorite temperature.

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