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Thursday, May 20, 2004
What the....?
Are they eating their own?

BBC NEWS | Middle East | US troops raid Chalabi residence:
Several armed Westerners were also seen, wearing flak jackets and using unlicensed vehicles, assumed to be American private security officers, Associated Press reported.

Some people could be seen loading boxes into vehicles, and witnesses said some members of Mr Chalabi's entourage were taken away.
Now that he isn't a friend, Rummy wants all the evidence back, I guess. He's become just a little too mouthy for their tastes lately:
On Wednesday he said in a BBC interview that Iraqis should have complete control over oil, development and property currently in US hands.
Chalabi is not a good guy -- a thief and a con-man and we never should have believed any information sourced to him. Still.... Other reports from AP add some details:
Salem Chalabi, nephew of Ahmad Chalabi and head of the Iraqi war crimes tribunal, said his uncle told him by telephone that Iraqi and American authorities "entered his home and put the guns to his head in a very humiliating way that reminds everyone of the conduct of the former regime."
Good morning people. Off to an early start today.

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