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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Steaming Mad
Bush Invokes 'War on Terror' in Energy Debate
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush said on Wednesday he would not release strategic oil stocks to curb record gasoline prices while he was waging war on terror and accused Democrats of playing politics on energy.

All right. I've been quiet and nice for a few days hoping someone out there would make some sense about this so-called "oil crisis". It certainly isn't Bush. And he's accusing Democrats?

All he wants to do is make sure oil prices go so high that people will clamor for the so-called energy bill to get passed so he and his cronies can make mega-trillions by drilling away our planet's precious resources in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

What I want to know is where is Dick Cheney in all this? Why don't we even have an energy policy? What's happening in the Supreme Court case? These people have only themselves to blame for 1) not having a policy that balances current needs, diminishing resources, and renewable sources for the future, and 2) going to war with countries that actually produce oil in the here and now.

Maybe his Republican base will get so upset about gas prices that they'll throw him out. But this is one issue they can't remotely blame Democrats for.

War on terror, my sweet patootie... he's the only one who terrifies me right now.

And what are we doing hanging around the Syrian border slaughtering people in wedding parties?

I beg of you, even if you don't personally like John Kerry because the media has told you he's cold and remote or too wimpy, or too liberal, or not liberal enough, or has a rich wife, or has foreign wife, or was a hero in Viet Nam or wasn't or had medals or protested the war, or likes civil unions but not gay unions, or was re-elected to the Senate how many times? or comes from Taxachusetts, currently ruled by Republicans, you must vote for him, and vote in a new Congress as well. There are links on the side. Please use them.

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