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Saturday, May 15, 2004
A Little Giddy
Three Guilty of Conspiring to Buy Votes in N.C. Election:
A federal jury determined Friday that Wayne Shatley, Carlos Hood and Ross Banner conspired to pay voters to register and vote with the purpose of securing the elections of Republican candidates.
I am convinced that's the only way these idiots are going to get elected again this year. The level of fed-upness is spreading quickly. Went to 2 events tonight (and ate 2 dinners, only one set of desserts, however. Even I have limits.)

And met Al Franken. He did his act, which is funny and was very, very well received -- a cross between his radio show and his book, with some recent updates. He does bad impressions of people like Rumsfeld and Cheney so well that they're really quite accurate. Even the friend I went with got all girlish when we went for his autograph. Everyone wanted to know about when Air America Radio is coming back to Chicago, but he couldn't say. I said they should get a station in Ohio. He said "We're sending people in." Like it's a sad war-torn nation requiring a Funny Brigade to save it.

Event 2 (Benefit) not as well attended as in previous years, and the prices all the pieces went for seemed much lower (mine included). When we got parking right away I figured it was a bad sign.

So talked about Bush and the war with a lot of people. Kids just graduating now are getting shipped off, all the kids are now beginning to know someone who has been "wounded" (ie, has no legs), and they're starting to talk about the draft, and what this all means is beginning to sink in. This should be encouraged, and they all have to get registered this summer. Moveon.org is pushing voter registration very hard right now. And they're "sending people in" too.

Let's see.... what kind of art shall I do tomorrow?

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