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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Sweater Alert
Friends, sleeve one is done on The New Sweater. Dare I schedule a photo shoot for her? I still doubt that even if I knit my fingers bloody and my wrists into permanent carpal tunnel agony will I finish it by 5:00 pm on Saturday. Which means that Al Franken will have to see me wearing some old thing instead of the new Sonnet.

Ah, me. Have added a few links to the side -- finally got my resume up so people will know who I am (or have been in the past) on the arts side of my being. Also added a link to E.C. Brown's index of Chicago Artists, which is an interesting group. May add a few more, too, from my wanderings thru the art shows over the weekend. Dunno. May even prune a few links that seem to have become moribund.

The other changes I warned about will likely not happen anytime soon. Blogger has come up with new and prettier formats for bloggings and comments, but it doesn't convert all the old stuff very well. If you're thinking about starting a new blog of your own, it's much easier to use than before and less finicky, however.

Am still accepting suggestions for the next sweater, so leave a comment or email me your suggestions.

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