Fresh Paint
Wednesday, May 12, 2004
From yesterday. Must get more luan so I can paint. Don't feel like canvas. Must find yesterday's forecast so I can compare. More later.

May 11, 2004

Out to lake this pm, air chill and foggy. Drove past baseball diamond, ghost players rising from red dirt, foggy sprites mixed with hot dry dirt, like low clouds or absolute ghosts.

At water, the colors:

All white luminous gray, like something both behind and in front of each color
Visibility about 200 feet.

Red dog appears, then disappears, appears, disappears, just at the edge of visible.

Blue white
White gray
Yellow white
green white
ripples become vaguely water
slightly greener
slightly violet white raw sienna
sand/shore wet dull raw sienna
white sand

Eyes hurting from brilliance. Looking back toward park, the greens soft, but intense color, glowing acid yellow green, reds of new japanese maples dull, barely pigmented against fog.

Look suddenly south and see the presence, swirling ochrish intense light rising between water and land, throbs back, then toward me.

Look north, the presence is a wedge between something, some water to right, fading acid green of new trees to left, the lemony presence glows between.

Am in it, walking, but it follows. Sun is a supernova, overrhead light disperses into the light of the presence, heat, faint shadow of me walking. Airless and suffocating as it thins. People sitting in dune gone, dog gone.

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