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Friday, May 07, 2004
I Hate These People, Just Hate Them
FDA Rejects Nonprescription Morning-After Pill for Now

It is NOT a good morning, people. Women must rise up and fight this government with every tool we have available. The cynicism of the phrase "for now" says it all -- they will reject this pill unless it proves politically unpopular.

Anytime you hear
On Friday, Galson repeatedly denied that politics played a role in his decision, saying he had no contact with White House officials and considered only scientific questions.
you know they're lying. Thank god Kerry's team is on top of it. He should be as vocal as possible, and so should we all. You should tell everyone.

Snarky PS: I take it the pill isn't unsafe in some states:
To improve access, five states - California, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii and New Mexico - already allow women to buy morning-after pills from certain pharmacists without a prescription. FDA's decision does not affect those programs.

Will be out at Navy Pier much of the day, so will talk later.

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