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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
So They Could Pick Flowers For Their Liberators, No Doubt
Iraqi inmates freed, dumped at quarry
Tikrit, Iraq - Scores of prisoners released from the controversial Abu Ghraib prison Tuesday were forced to take a winding, nearly five-hour journey through central Iraq on three hot, rickety buses escorted by U.S. military Humvees before being deposited without explanation in the middle of a gravel quarry near Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit.

It was unclear why the detainees, at least a hundred of them, were dropped off at the remote location 120 miles north of Baghdad.

Some got rides home from relatives who had frantically followed the buses in their vehicles. Others climbed into the back of a dump truck or returned to their buses and got a ride back to Baghdad.

A few were still milling about on the dirt road where they were released when a reporter and photographer left the scene.
This is the article Randi Rhodes on Air America just read. Is anyone in charge over there? Over here?

Good afternoon, everyone. Yes, I did go out and paint, and yes, I did get to the garden before the other guy. And I am still so cold. It might be 70 degrees somewhere in the nation, but on the shore of Lake Michigan it was barely 50. Painted on the last of my 12 inch luan squares, which means I have to figure out whether to buy another slab or try something else this summer. Did sky, branches, magenta trees, apple blossoms. Sky changed from brilliant cobalt to whiteish gray as I was painting, so it looks a little funky. Keep forgetting rule one of landscape painting: do not follow the light.

Came home hungry and immediately started eating store-brand cheetos, so now I feel sick to stomach. Back later.

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