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Saturday, May 01, 2004
So Cold
I am so cold right now. Took all the plastic down from my windows a few weeks ago when we had the nice weather, but drafts are now insinuating through every crevice in the house (it is a "fixer-upper" that never got fixed-up after I went into cash-preservation mode on losing a job). This is what the rat Tom Skilling has to say:
MID-MARCH LEVEL TEMPS, NE WINDS: Damp, raw, overcast. Drizzle—even a few spells of light rain—gradually tapers off. The best-organized showers remain south and east near Kankakee and into north-central Indiana. NE winds keep city/shore highs to 44°; 55° well west. Cool north winds tonight.
Good thing I knit all those sweaters this winter.

Shuffled out of bed this morning to discover I'd neglected to buy coffee, so shuffled back again and have just reemerged. While tea brewing, ripped out the knitting mistakes and regenerated. Since I now have only an inch or so left of the front and the 2 sleeves, should think about what to do next. For those who are new to this blog, am knitting Sonnet from knitty.com using a cone of raw silk. If anyone out there has a suggestion for my next project, please post a comment or email me. I am new to knit-blogging, so don't yet know all the places to hunt.

Am still hoping I can get this done in time for the League of Women Voters dinner with Al Franken coming up in a few weeks (sorry, it's been sold out forever).

So maybe this cool weather is a sign to get cracking. A voice tells me that I don't have to go outside to paint, that I can actually paint indoors and maybe do a still-life, but I'm still not listening. I like to paint and draw outdoors, so there you go. Last summer we had the group together, but not the place, to paint a model unclothed outdoors, and plan to try again this year.

Art news: have tickets from a friend to Navy Pier and the Stray Show next weekend, so should start my pre-event warm-up now. Last year's show was so pitiful I wasn't planning on it, but I have my orders. And a friend is in a show at the Gillock Gallery (can't find a suitable link) in Evanston, Illinois opening this evening, so will emerge from my blankets and fuzzy slippers by then.

New links are coming, promise.

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