Fresh Paint
Thursday, April 29, 2004
An Unoriginal Thought
If I tell you, hey those are cool shades, does it make them cool? Does it make you cool? What about me?

If the sunglasses company says, "Cool shades! On sale 30% off thru Sunday, only at Sears" are they still cool?

Have been googling for Kennedy. Remember her? The old MTV VJ who was a Republican and an incredible hypocrite? Still don't understand how the RNC thinks they can convince kids that a Republican agenda of trashing the environment, abstinence only, censored rock music, no Howard Stern, plus the likelihood of getting drafted and blown up sometime in '05 or '06 is the way to go. Granted, the "economy" is a meaningless concept to them, and so is getting a decent job until you are kicked out of the house, but Jason Priestley and Drew Carey are not cool role models. Trust us.

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