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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
If You're Trying To Scare Us, Please Stop
Blog-Tracking May Gain Ground Among U.S. Intelligence Officials
The CIA and FBI haven't publicly commented about use of blogs in their work, but many D.C. observers believe both agencies monitor certain blogs.

At least one nation, China, is actively tracking blogs. It's also reportedly trying to block blogs. Several press reports earlier this year said the government shut two blogging services and banned access to all Web logs by Chinese citizens.
Remember seeing this the other day on video surveillance of internet cafes:
Authorities have already installed video cameras in every Internet cafe in the city so officials can keep track of youngsters' movements, the newspaper said.

The yet-to-be installed software will force users to input personal identification data to log on, while a supervisory centre will monitor surfing and check whether a cafe was illegally operating at night, it said.

Foreigners will have to input their passport number.
And yes, I believe it could happen here, too.

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