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Sunday, April 25, 2004
9/11: He Saw It Coming

(Chicago Reader via ArchPundit)
On February 26, 2001, the Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation opened a three-day conference on the theme "Terrorism: Informing the Public" at Cantigny, the colonel's estate in Wheaton. Bremer, who gave the keynote speech, recalled his work on the National Commission on Terrorism.
"The new administration seems to be paying no attention to the problem of terrorism. What they will do is stagger along until there's a major incident and then suddenly say, 'Oh, my God, shouldn't we be organized to deal with this?' That's too bad. They've been given a window of opportunity with very little terrorism now, and they're not taking advantage of it. Maybe the folks inthe press ought to be pushing a little bit."
Sounds almost like that sodomizing liar Richard Clarke plagiarized this guy. Who, you ask? Why Viceroy Paul Bremer, Lord of the Flies, gave this talk. A counterterrorism guy -- now we understand why he's in Iraq.

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