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Saturday, April 24, 2004
How Awful
Kerry's Church Known for Charitable Causes, Liberal Stances

Among the horrors:
The Paulist Center began a support group for divorced Catholics that has since been replicated in churches across the country. The center also hosts a group for bisexual, gay and lesbian Catholics, as well as a program for lapsed Catholics who are considering a return to the flock.

The center helped launch the Walk for Hunger, a now annual fund-raiser for soup kitchens across the region, and has held funeral Masses for homeless people who die without family or loved ones.
Excommunicate that guy. No place in heaven for the likes of him.

Good evening, friends. Watching "Almost Famous" on tv right now, one of my very favorite movies, and one I'm surprised is being shown given this current moral climate, so blogging will be light. Will be knitting, blogging, and periodically checking the sky for whether Bush has started a nuclear war yet. And I'm not really kidding.

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