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Saturday, April 24, 2004
Tending To the Knitting
Good morning (afternoon) everyone. Have been scampering around the internet this am spreading wisdom right and left (mostly left) instead of blogging here about those topics I've been promising all week.

Let's take care of the new sweater first. I have both arms and half the left (or maybe right) front to do -- cruising under the last underarm in any event. I think I linked to the pattern somewhere in one of the archived threads (am too lazy to dig it out right now). Will see if I can scan an actual sample of what it's looking like.

The Spring Issue of knitty.com is out, but I was a little disappointed with it -- nothing I want to try, so will be starting my search for the next sweater soon elsewhere.

If you prowl the interKnit, er, net, you'll find that most people seem to be addicted to knitting and collecting socks. College girls, in dorms! I have pattern books from 1958 showing college girls in dorms knitting socks!

It still flabbergasts that something I've been doing since I was seven (off and on, sometimes crocheting stuff, sometimes forced to actually work) is trendy. I feel like a snowboarder. Think it's saying something about rebellion, secret female culture, geek girls, oh please de-FearFactorization of tv, anti-Brittanyism, glasses as fashion, 2-tone hair, kazaa, and we're sure Joan of Arcadia knits though they don't show it.

Please, let it not be a march back to the comforts of 1958. Please, let the republicans not find out. Will muse on this more.

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