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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Does This Sound Familiar?
Marine Commander: Fallujah Residents Have Only 'days' to Hand Over Weapons
In Fallujah, Conway's warning that residents have "days, not weeks" to implement the accord reached this weekend or else fighting could resume followed a disappointing surrender of weapons on Wednesday.

He said only about a pickup truck load's worth of weapons were turned in.

"It was junk, things I wouldn't ask my Marines to begin to fire," Conway said. "We were not pleased at all with the turn-in we saw yesterday."

Conway warned that patience is wearing thin and questioned whether the civic leaders who negotiated with U.S. officials had much influence over the insurgents.
At last! WMDs found! Are they setting up for a massacre? What the **** is going on?

And shouldn't the NRA get involved? Bush is making people give up their guns. Vote for Kerry!

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