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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Unemployment Line Reaches DuPage County
Spiegel Cuts 255 More Jobs
The company said the job cuts would occur starting immediately and over the next two months. A majority of those laid off, 185 employees, are catalog workers while 70 are from the corporate division. All are based either at company headquarters in Downers Grove or a data center in the nearby western Chicago suburb of Westmont.
Isn't this deep in the land of the DuPage County Republicans? I guess they can always join the army if they need a job. Or they can vote:

Primary election sees surge in Democratic ballots cast
In a county where every member of the County Board is Republican, the other party made a strong showing at the polls.

Forty-two percent of all ballots cast March 16 were Democratic ballots — a bigger share of the voters countywide than they've had anytime in the past 30 years. [ed: the good news] But Republicans have seen surges in DuPage County's Democratic base before and have gained ground in the elections following those spikes. [ed: the bad news]

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