Fresh Paint
Monday, April 19, 2004
Roof Update
Claim has been filed (roof was garage roof, thankfully -- perhaps I was unclear), waiting now for roofer to call back for repairs. Have been busily frolicking around other peoples' blogs all day sprinkling so much wisdom I continue to surprise myself.

Most recently have been listening to Randi Rhodes and knitting furiously, and keep learning more deliciously paranoid facts -- and thank God she's pointing out who Negroponte is. Iran-Contra is one of those scandals that has managed to slide right off the teflon republicans, and those responsible keep getting appointed to responsible posts or are "respected" talk show hosts (like Oliver North).

Our youngest voters weren't even born when all this was happening, and I must admit I was too busy earning money and whining about boyfriends to pay a lot of attention. I bought my first television so I could watch Miami Vice, not Iran-Contra hearings.

Even worse, that sunny soul, Reagan, continues to have the history of his administration cleansed, soviet style.

Addendum: Great summary of Iran-Contra facts here.

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