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Sunday, April 18, 2004
Our Suspicions Are Correct
Chicago Tribune | Rice: U.S. Bracing for Terror Before Polls
WASHINGTON -- The United States is bracing for possible terrorist attacks before the November presidential election, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.

The opportunity for terrorists to try to influence the election, as was the case last month in Spain, appears to be an opportunity that would "be too good to pass up for them," Rice said.
Have the Rovians learned nothing? They're still trying to 1) scare us to death and, 2) taunt the terrorists into attacking us (a variant of "bring 'em on", the most irresponsible comment ever made by a world leader). Ok, so if there's no attack, they can take credit for thwarting one. If there is one, they can say, see, we told you so, we were right, vote for bush, you can't change horses in midstream, etc., etc. Or just suspend the elections. And they can accuse the Democrats of actually wanting an attack, because it will get their guy in, if you follow the Spanish Analogy.

This must mean the polls are still saying Bush is "good on terror," -- the only issue he has left, I guess -- so he's now the "terror president," rather than the "war president." He's plenty scary enough.

So when is the terror color going to get hotter? Any predictions? Anyone out there correlating color with polling or other non-"terror" (god, I hate that word) related events?

P.S.: thought Kerry did well on Russert, especially when he got warmed up. He should be encouraged to speak from the heart and with passion, because that's what he does best.

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