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Friday, April 16, 2004
But What About the WMDs on the Turkey Farms?
AP Exclusive: Woodward Book Says Bush Secretly Ordered Iraq War Plan Shortly After U.S. Attacked Afghanistan
Woodward's account fleshes out the degree to which some members of the administration, particularly Vice President Dick Cheney, were focused on Saddam Hussein from the onset of Bush's presidency and even after the terrorist attacks made the destruction of al-Qaida the top priority.

Woodward says Bush pulled Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld aside Nov. 21, 2001 - when U.S. forces and allies were in control of about half of Afghanistan - and asked him what kind of war plan he had on Iraq. When Rumsfeld said it was outdated, Bush told him to get started on a fresh one.

The book says Bush told Rumsfeld to keep quiet about it and when the defense secretary asked to bring CIA Director George Tenet into the planning at some point, the president said not to do so yet.
Will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday, book out next week. Will they stop with the books, already? [ed: just kidding, bring em on] I haven't finished with the Blumenthal book yet, and just got Clarke. I'm afraid I'll get a terrible sunburn from all this light beach reading this year.

I just hope the book gives some inkling of why Bush really wanted to attack Iraq.

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