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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Warning: Sexually Explicit! Do Not Read This Message!
Chicago Tribune | FTC to require label on sex spam:
The Federal Trade Commission said that starting May 19, senders of sexually oriented 'spam' will have to put a 'Sexually Explicit:' warning label in the subject line to help consumers identify and filter out unwanted messages.
Or to make it easier for brain-dead young males to identify the good ones? You mean, the spam that begins "In regards to your memmo" isn't suspect enough? Can PG-13 ratings far behind? And what about all that V1@&ra crap? Or, since you can advertise 4-hour erections on TV, are those ads not "explicit"? Maybe they're just not explicit enough.

Here we go...

And another thing.... if those Victoria's Secret ads on TV with a creepy, voyeuristic, sell-out Bob Dylan aren't porn, I don't know what is (this is rhetorical... of course I know what porn porn is). Where's the equal time for the other half? What about Joan Baez with some eye-candy for the rest of us? (this also is rhetorical).
The new law requires all electronic marketers to include a valid postal address, as well as to provide an option that would allow recipients to refuse future mailings.
And verify that the address they've been spamming is valid, and allow them to sell the list, and possibly sell your postal return address to bad people....

See what happens when the coffee at Starbucks isn't strong enough? The beast gets angry.

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