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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Following Orders, As Usual
Bush Bumps 'Idol' (washingtonpost.com):
Although Fox announced its plan after the others did, the network denies any internal angst over its decision.

"There was no debate," Fox spokesman Scott Grogin said yesterday. "The president asked for time. We've moved 'American Idol' to Wednesday night."
The Tuesday night 'American Idol' is currently the top-rated show in the country, averaging nearly 27 million viewers in its 11 airings this season.

Although presidential prime-time appearances are rare, the Bush White House knows when to schedule them. Last year, he delivered his 'Mission Accomplished' speech -- announcing the end of major combat operations in Iraq -- on the first Thursday of the May sweeps, displacing the top-rated 'CSI' on CBS and the Top 10 show 'Will & Grace' on NBC.
Can I call it, or what? And the theme is "movie night", and the guest is Quentin Tarantino. Is it possible he just happens.... to have a movie coming out right now? I didn't know he was a republican.

The good thing is that 27 million young voters and voters-to-be will see what an American Idol is not, though it hasn't stopped them from voting for people who can't sing so far (the red head.... the guy who can't dance or sing with weird teeth).

Here's another SNL skit that writes itself.

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