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Monday, April 12, 2004
No, You Robot
CNN.com - Firm cheers loss of robot in Iraq - Apr 12, 2004
Between 50 and 100 PackBots are now being used in Iraq and Afghanistan for battlefield reconnaissance, search-and-destroy missions of explosives and ordnance disposal, while the soldiers who control them keep out of harm's way.

The 42-pound base unit, known as the PackBot Scout, costs around $50,000 and operates in adverse conditions such as navigating steep terrain, exploring mountain caves, falling off cliffs and fording streams.
On Monday, iRobot signed a contract worth an estimated $32 million to develop a smaller, more advanced form of the PackBot for the U.S. military
From the makers of Roomba. You know, the vacuum cleaner that prowls around sucking up WMDs and bin Laden's junk food wrappers?

The SNL skit just writes itself, so luckily I don't have to. Click here for more war porn.

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