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Monday, April 12, 2004
4 hrs 47 mins 41 secs
And if you don't know what that means, 1) I pity you, and 2) you don't live in the Chicago Area.

Cubby Home Opener! I have other things to do, so will not be blogging the game.

One of the things that struck me over the weekend with this 9/11 memo thing is, what's the point of a daily briefing? You tell the president stuff, then he thinks about it, and eventually he tells you stuff to do. Is that how it works? If you just tell him stuff and he says, "Huh, well..." what's the point of having a daily briefing, or indeed, a president?

I realize I know nothing about the daily briefing, but does one happen every day? Do people get follow-up items? Were there attachments to this memo? Was there a Powerpoint presentation?

Have never been in a meeting (Bush is an MBA and supposedly proud of being the CEO of the richest corporation -- er, country -- in the world) where one of the above did not take place.

How are the memos delivered? To his desk, in person? Thru interoffice mail? Ahead of a briefing meeting, or passed out during one?

These are the questions I'd like answered, plus do they have donuts or muffins at these meetings.

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