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Sunday, April 11, 2004
Garbo Speaks
Bush says it's "hard to tell" if casualties will keep mounting in Iraq

Again with the bringing it?
By Associated Press
Sunday, April 11, 2004

Fort Hood, Texas - President Bush [related, bio] says more American casualties may come in Iraq, but, "we're plenty tough."

Bush attended an Easter Sunday service at Fort Hood, Texas -- a base that has lost at least nine service members in the past week of fighting.
After the service, Bush told reporters the U-S campaign in Iraq "is right" and will continue.

Almost 50 American soldiers and more than 550 Iraqis are dead in the violence that spread across the country last week. Bush called it "a tough week."
The president says it's "hard to tell" if such fighting will continue.
Bush met with eleven soldiers at a military hospital, awarding Purple Heart medals to ten of them.
Blogger was down when I read this this morning, so some of my anger has disappated a little, and I've just become Cynical again, since I couldn't immediately vent. This man is such a piece of work. "Hard to Tell" if fighting will continue?

In any event, it's obvious why he hasn't been allowed off the ranch for the last few days.

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