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Thursday, April 08, 2004
Clean Channel?
Clear Channel, fined nearly $500K, drops Stern show - Apr. 8, 2004
The commission ruled the stations -- WBGG-FM in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; WTKS-FM, Cocoa Beach, Fla.; WTFX-FM, Louisville, Ky.; KIOZ-FM, San Diego; WNVE-FM, Honeoye Falls, N.Y.; and WXDX-FM, Pittsburgh -- all knowingly and willfully broadcast indecent material played on the Stern show.
"We had hoped to return Mr. Stern's show to the air free from indecent content," Hogan said. "Unfortunately, the FCC's latest action, combined with deafening silence from the Stern show on their future plans to comply with the law, leave us no choice but to abandon the program for good."
No, no, no. After how many years (more than 10 at least) on the air, they're finally discovering that Stern has a potty mouth? How much money do you think Howard Stern has raked in for Clear Channel? Lots and lots, I imagine. Odd that all these stations are in politically sensitive states (except for Honeoye Falls, what's that all about?) It's because he's started bashing the Bush adminstration, that's why. And he can be hilarious, while doing it, too.

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