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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Are They Insane?
BostonHerald.com - International News: Witnesses: U.S. rockets hit Fallujah mosque complex, killing about 40 people
The strike came as worshippers gathered for afternoon prayers, witnesses said. They said the dead were taken to private homes in the area where temporary hospitals have been set up.
For what strategic reason would they do this? "Uprooting insurgents"? Let me tell you, they've been uprooted, and now they're being mowed down in cold blood. This is not what occupying forces do. This is what murderers do. This is what ethnic cleansers do. What is the point of all this? Do they seriously think they are winning hearts and minds, and we are still (if we ever were) being greeted as liberators?

I have long been ambivalent about any culture that treats women worse than beasts. I know it's not the religion, but the interpretation of the religion, just as Christian fundies interpret their religion to suit whatever agenda they wish (anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-non-white-skin-color, anti-foreign accent, etc.) And the extremists now flooding all over Iraq (if they think of women at all) would be happy if they would just put on their burkas and stay in the house. But a year ago this was nearly a secular society, women were educated equally with men in free schools and universities, could take a walk, go to a movie with friends, have good jobs and the protection of law. We did this to them.

I was horrified (and always think what to do too late) yesterday when, in the last little snippet on WMAQ TV late news in Chicago, was a birthday greeting from a career "troop" celebrating her 50th birthday in Iraq who went on and on about how wonderful it was to see little children run up to her and give her hugs and say how happy they were to see the americans and how satisfying it was to know that she was bringing democracy to a suffering nation and how happy she was especially for the women of Iraq that finally they would be free to be free or some such garbage.

Had she seen the inferno that was Fallujah?

Did she realize that all family protections from the previous Iraqi constitution (which did in fact exist) had been removed? That no one is speaking for the women of Iraq these days? (Not even the Democrats, Mr. Kerry, and see that you do, PDQ). We did this to them.

Well, good morning everyone, anyway. This message is getting a bit muddled, so you can stop reading now. I will be putting a few more Cultcha links up on the side later.

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