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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Is Nothing They Do Not About Votes?
Move Could Help Bush Among Jewish Voters (washingtonpost.com)
In declaring that Israel should be able to keep some of the occupied territories and block Palestinian refugees from settling in Israel, Bush followed a familiar pattern of finding common cause with Jews and increasingly pro-Israel Christian conservatives.
Referring to the movie about the Crucifixion that was seen by some critics as dwelling on the role of the Jews in Jesus's death, the official said: "We lost the Jewish vote when 'The Passion' came out. That part of the Jewish community that is concerned about public expression of religiosity gets spooked, because high-profile Republicans were hugging 'The Passion.' " But with Arab American voters already strongly against Bush, strategists see little political downside for Bush in Wednesday's action, even if he does not win large numbers of Jewish votes.
Not to mention he's now switched the debate away from Iraq and 9/11.

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