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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
How Much Do They Want?
Chicago Tribune | Liberal radio stations silenced:
A Chicago source familiar with the situation said a Multicultural representative showed up at WNTD's offices this morning, kicked out Air America's lone staffer overseeing the network's feed to the station from New York, switched over to a Spanish-language feed, and changed the locks on the doors.
Sounds like the Rovians are trying to play hardball. I thought it was just a little screwup, as is to be expected with a fast-growing new network that's proving more popular than the conventional wisdom had predicted. Apparently they're playing for keeps, and holding 2 major markets (luckily, both blue states) hostage.

UPDATE: Smoking Gun has the court filing. This is disgraceful. What's more disgraceful is that apparently the right wing pundits (neither links nor names will I provide) are saying it's because the network is broke. Boy, oh, boy, is it ever wishful thinking on their part. Don't think Lexus advertises on your show, Rush.

UPDATE: The latest word from AAR is here. We just want our radio station back. I feel personally responsible for twisting people's arms to listen to this thing, so I don't want them to wriggle out of my grasp so easily.

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