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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Flip-Flop Barely Covers It
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Americans 'drop demand for handover of killers in Falluja atrocity'
There was no explanation yesterday for the change in policy, though officials may have concluded they would never catch them using current military tactics.

Thalfiqar Mahdi, a member of a volunteer team of doctors which has been working in Falluja since Thursday, gave a horrific account of conditions there. "The main hospital was taken over by the Americans," he said. "Doctors and patients had to evacuate to local health clinics.

"Over 1,000 people were wounded since the attack began, and patients had to lie on the ground because of a shortage of beds. We were doing operations in the open. But we didn't have enough sterilising equipment. About half the injured are women, children, and the elderly."
So will Bush now hug and weep and console with the loved ones of the nearly 90 U.S. soldiers and the more than 600 Iraqis slaughtered in this atrocity -- in error?

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