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Monday, April 19, 2004
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Boing Boing: Soup imitates art: Warhol-style Campbell's tomato soup on sale: "To commemorate the work of Andy Warhol, Campbell's is selling four packs of tomato soup with Warhol-esque labels."

I resolve here and now to track these down in the Chicago area before another day passes, and buy them, and not eat the soup, because they will have become an art object. They will be placed on a shelf until the cans age and burst. I will not call it a crusade, but I'm sure Bush would.

Good evening everyone. It's been a political day, hasn't it? And it's not ending yet. I promise to get my notes together tomorrow on the EAC benefit (a few very nice pieces, a few simply very interesting for all kinds of reasons), and I apologize to everyone because I never got back to the SAIC show, even though I wanted to, thanks to Condoleezza Rice and the 9/11 commission and taxes and my current political madness, as my mother is beginning to call it.

But will sign off with TV, Radio Groups Want FCC Ruling Reversed -- Indecency Decision Unconstitutional, They Say, protesting the current chilly climate for free speech, in particular the Bono exclamation "[Expletive] brilliant" at that awards show, which we all remember and barely noticed as being "fucking", I think. Though could have been "bloody," which is also rude, I'm told.

This is leading up to an anecdote.

More than a hundred years ago, I had a blind friend who used an early voice synthesizer to read text on his computer. We used to roll around on the floor laughing hysterically, all doped up to our ears with marijuana someone's brother got from someone's sister's cousin as George Carlin's synthesized (slightly Swedish-sounding) voice read out those 7 immortal words, which you can find right here, as well as the original court documents for battles we thought had been fought long ago and are horrified to find that we still must fight.

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