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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Desperately Unhappy Update
Warhol Soup Cans only at Giant Eagle stores
Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle will be the first retailer to carry the colorful cans, which will be on special display beginning April 18 and available for a limited time. The four-pack will contain at least two colorful labels based on the combinations that Warhol created in his silkscreens: green and red, pink and orange, aqua and indigo, or gold and yellow. A copy of Warhol's signature appears on the side of each label.
Founded in 1931, Giant Eagle, Inc. has grown to be the number one supermarket retailer in the region with 138 corporate and 84 independently owned and operated stores throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio, north central West Virginia and Maryland.
People of Pittsburgh, rise up and buy them! And don't forget these:
Shoppers who purchase the special Warhol four-pack can also take advantage of an offer for a limited edition Campbell's Andy Warhol magnet set, featuring a collection of four die-cut magnets in the colorful designs of the Warhol labels. Details are available on displays in Giant Eagle supermarkets.
Will continue my quest while waiting for those pesky roofers ("Day 2 -- The Wait").

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