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Sunday, April 25, 2004
Since When?
Huge Throngs March in Support of Abortion Rights
Authorities no longer give formal crowd estimates but said the crowd was hundreds of thousands strong.
When did they stop giving crowd estimates? Since the protests against the war in Iraq last year, maybe? Hard numbers and facts do not amuse King George the Younger.

Feeling guiltier by the minute for not being there, but spent time this pm parading around the land of the republicans to the north with my MoveOn.org t-shirt and Obama sign in back window of car. Saw a few Volvo and Lexus drivers with "Regime Change" bumper stickers on my journeys, and still no "Bush/Cheney" signs on the lawns.

Cloudy and chilly, was gray, then cleared, now gray again. And windy. Did not paint, but recorded colors:

ochre white gray
whiteish blue-black gray
very white gray
yellowish white gray
very thin perfect dark Prussian Blue horizon
(sun now coming out, oh dear, so...)
swimming pool color layer (still a little gray)
pea soup green (pale)
gray violet green
foam white burnt sienna
violet dirt
bright light lemon ochre

Max contrast between sky/horizon/water/sand. Can simplify:

Dark sky
Pale sky
Near black horizon in distance
Pale turquoise
Pale greenish

Met a woman who was taking a writing class with assignment to "write for ten minutes in nature every day." Was she my angel, or was I her angel? I'd been standing there with my face hanging out not really "in the mood," when along she came, and so I had to describe stuff to her. Then she strolled away and the light immediately changed, waves upon waves of clouds pulling light across the water! And I thought it was time for the rapture....

but if you check the index, we're still in good shape.

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