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Monday, April 26, 2004
10 U.S. Contractors in Iraq Penalized
The United States is paying more than $780 million to one British firm that was convicted of fraud on three federal construction projects and banned from U.S. government work during 2002, according to an Associated Press review of government documents.

A Virginia company convicted of rigging bids for American-funded projects in Egypt also has been awarded Iraq contracts worth hundreds of millions. And a third firm found guilty of environmental violations and bid rigging won U.S. Army approval for a subcontract to clean up an Iraqi harbor.
It goes on. Will this story be buried? Or will people howl? This is only one of the things the current idiotic and untrue flap about Kerry's so-called lies is trying to hide.

The second is that Cheney's energy task force case goes to the Supreme Court tomorrow. He's successfully blocked access to details of his little group for three years, and with his hunting buddy Scalia refusing to recuse himself, will likely keep it secret forever. They really don't want us talking about this committee, most likely because of the Enron connection (wasn't Kenneth Lay a frequent White House visitor?). People are still angry at Enron, and haven't forgotten yet. Krugman has more, but neglects to mention the Enron bit, so I had to point it out for your edification.

Good evening, people. Light blogging today, heavy Doom playing. I shouldn't have loaded the old games on my new machine. I told myself I was going to keep it pristine, and strictly for politics, art, and business, not slaughter. Ah, well.

It is bad that I can't remember where all the secrets (in Doom) are, though I got through the whole thing once, back in the day.

Is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow, so will try to paint (how often have you heard that one from me?). Will try Railroad Tycoon next time it rains.

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