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Thursday, April 29, 2004
No Ball Point Pens, Number Two Pencils Only
Bush, Cheney Quizzed by Sept. 11 Panel:
"They need to have one story and it's easiest to have one story when they're in the room together," Thurber said about the reason he thought Bush and Cheney wanted to be interviewed together. "I don't mean they're trying to distort anything. [ed: no?] It's useful to them. It protects them if they're both in the room at the same time."

Gonzales [ed:, aka, "The Enforcer"] likely was to make sure that the ground rules of the meeting were followed, offer legal advice, if requested, and interject himself into the discussion to protect the president and vice president, said John Dean, former White House counsel for President Nixon.

"I think it's highly unusual, under the circumstances of an informal meeting like this, to bring your lawyer with you," Dean said. "It escalates the formality of an informal proceeding."

At the administration's request, the meeting was not being electronically recorded. Notetakers from the commission and the White House staff were told they could take detailed notes, White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. The commission's interviews with former President Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore were recorded.
We've all seen the Saturday Night Live sketches, etc., so why are they even bothering to go through with this exercise, unless they plan to choreograph sound bites they can later "leak" to the lapdog press?
White House counsel Alberto Gonzales and two members of his staff whom the White House would not identify joined Bush and Cheney in the session, which began sharply at the scheduled 9:30 a.m. appointment time.
Where are the notetakers? And who are these other people crowding into the room with the twins? Good morning everyone. Skilling Forecast for today, 77:
Unseasonably warm and, although windy, peak velocities 25-35 mph versus Wednesday's 40+ mph gusts. Sun filtered by increasing cloudiness, especially later this morning and this afternoon. Several gusty t-storms possible in western sections later today. Clusters of showers/t-storms grow more numerous at night.
Is clouding now. Waiting for the last luan square to dry before I go out. Looks like I might not have another chance till next Tuesday, because I've become such a weather wuss.

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